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Raw and Real

Raw. Real. Authentic.

When I asked people to describe me in three words or less, these are the descriptors that come up the most.

I acknowledge and I accept.

I am not a "beat around the bush" kind of person. I have been accused of having little tact. When I see a way to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, that is the way I will travel.

I know. Many of you are instantly turned off by this, but I know many of you can relate. Over the years I have been able to keep a watchful eye on my tongue but this is a place to be real and I want you to feel like you can do that so I will do just that.

Ministry Life is rough. Through and through. Whether you're serving in a place you couldn't have ever dreamed of or you find yourself in a place that seems to have been a gateway to your own personal desert


, ministry is challenging.

People, Leadership, enemy attacks, finances. They are challenging. On top of the challenges, we often find ourselves with nowhere to turn. Our friends don't really "get it." We can't vent to those in our church. And our spouses have their own set of challenges (whether they are the minister or you are).

I believe that is why this has been on my heart for so long. It's a long story and a long heart journey - one you'll hear plenty about as the time comes.

The important thing is that I am here now.

You are here now.

This is your safe place.



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