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And...I'm Back!!!!

Hi, Friends!!!

A number of you have been asking where I've been, and I am so appreciative of your thoughts and your prayers. The last few years have been tough and I am so, so sorry if you feel neglected or simply confused by my absence.

As you can see, I've been working on a few things and I simply CANNOT wait to see what God has in store for this humble little site.

It occurred to me recently that if I've been so stupid busy, you are all probably just as stupid busy. (And, that's a blog post in and of itself!)

The good news is, I'm back. God is moving and stirring and I am ready for Him to put the enemy in his place.

This site is for you, Ladies. Those of you who find yourselves in the trenches - getting your hands dirty for the Glory of God!!

Welcome. Welcome to your virtual home away from home. Your online safe place. (Since many of us, sadly, don't have a physical safe place.)

And we're off!!!

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