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5 Mission Trip Planning Organizations That You Should Definitely Check Out

My #1 pick is an organization that I am personally familiar with. Praying Pelican Missions is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their mission is “Connecting the Local Church on a Global Level”. They work with both domestic and international communities with service opportunities across the United States and throughout the world, including:

  • South Africa

  • Jamaica

  • Haiti

  • Bahamas

  • Costa Rica

  • and more

Praying Pelican Missions believes there is a way for everyone to serve and has numerous ministry options available such as:

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Service Projects

  • Evangelism

  • Sports Ministry

  • Medical Ministry

The cost for the trips begin at $325 for domestic trips and includes lodging, meals, and unlimited consulting during your planning and traveling portion of your trip. The cost does not include your travel, so don’t forget to take that into consideration!

Experience Mission is another organization that offers both domestic and international mission trips. The offer several urban, rural, and relief mission trips on a domestic scale to locations such as:

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • New York, New York

  • Pike County, Kentucky

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Washington, DC

  • And so many more…

Their International service locations include:

  • Jamaica

  • Cuba

  • Belize

  • Israel

  • And more!

The cost associated with the domestic trips begin at $395 and do not include transportation. Experience Mission also has Immersion, which is a Gap Year option for young adults.

Mission Discovery

Mission Discovery is very similar to our other options with both domestic and international options available. The do serve a few locations that have not previously been mentioned though, such as:

  • Boston, Massachusetts

  • Bluefield, West Virginia

  • Bulembu, Eswatini

  • and Dundrum, North Ireland

Mission Discovery domestic trips begin at $349 and also do not include transportation. Mission Discovery has a child sponsorship program called Hold The Children, which allows you to sponsor a child in one of their schools or orphanages.

Next Step Ministries is geared specifically towards middle school and high school youth groups so if that’s your jam definitely look into this organization. They have 19 locations, both domestic and international, starting at $419.

Next Step Ministries is service project based and is intentional about planting seeds for spiritual growth and outward expression of humility and service in the hearts of our youth. After spending the day in service, your youth group will be lead in worship in by Next Step speakers and worship team.

Next Step Ministries trip locations include:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska

  • Elliott County, Kentucky

  • Pine Ridge, South Dakota

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • and Sumpango, Guatemala

Bold Hope is an organization that offers both international mission trips and child sponsorship. The serve internationally with trip locations including:

  • Myanmar

  • India

  • Zimbabwe

  • Moldova

  • and Haiti (as well as many more!)

Along with standard mission trip planning tools, Bold Hope offers both individual and church level partnership opportunities that offer discounted trip rates once your commitment is fulfilled. If you’re considering a long-term partnership with a mission trip organization, this may be something to consider.

Finally, I’ll share this with you: This site has an extensive list of mission trip organizations with search options by location, duration, and activity. This is a good place to start if you’re simply contemplating the possibility of a mission trip in the future.

Are there any organizations that you’ve worked with that could be added to this list? Please share!

And don’t forget to check out 5 Things to Consider When Planning a Mission Trip

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